Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tasting success

Tasting success
It seems some young Assamese filmmakers are making their mark in the
national and global movie scene in recent times. After tasting success
at the recent Boston film festival, Aneisha Sharma’s Film Freedom at
the Edge is creating ripples worldwide. Based on the story of an innocent 23-year-old Masang Lalung, who was
picked up for no apparent reason and put behind bars before being
released as a frail old man, has touched the hearts of many worldwide.
The story also got rave reviews in all the festivals. Aneisha is now even more happy as the Mumbai International Film
Festival 2008 (February 3 to 9) has selected Freedom at the Edge for
the film and video competition (Indian) section of the festival. This
is the only entry to have been confirmed till now from the Northeast.
It will be good if one or two more films get into the competitive
section from the Northeast in the MIFF. Whatever it is, let’s hope Aneisha’s film Freedom at the Edge succeeds
in showing the international audience the bizarre situation prevailing
in Assam at that time or somewhere even now also! And those blatant
human rights abuses of innocent people by our own armymen are more
heinous for a democratic country like India. Will anyone make a film on
those abuses?
Simanta/Mridumoloy http://www.assamtribune.com/buzz.html

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