Friday, May 18, 2007


Story of my film
Machang Lalung, a tribal youth(victim of unlawful detention for long 54 years).He hails from middle Assam, a Indian North Eastern State.He was arrested by the police for a silly offence in the year 1951 when he was 23 years age.At the time of arrest he even did not know under what offence he was arrested.Soon after his arrest, he suffered from epilepsy disease.The jail authority mistaken him as a mental patient and shifted him to Tezpur mental hospital.The poor tribal youth had to spent 54 years in mental hospital as an undertrial prisoner without any legal formalities or court hearing. His illegal detention is three times more than any punishment under Indian Law. Finally in a routin checking by the National Human Right Commission's his illegal detention was detected and ordered to government for his early release.And he was released in the year 2005 by the Chief Judicial Megistrate at Guwahati at that time his age was 77 years.


My World said...

Dear Ma'm
My Name is Jun Dutta. I'm from Jorhat, a corporate employee working at kolkata. I was preparing an article on Machang Lalung and thus happened to know about your "Freedom at the Edge". I've posted an article on your film on wikipedia.() But it needs some expansion like total casts, cinematography, producer, background/production etc. Besides, I wanna make an article on you. But honestly speaking I've no much information regarding you (I'm out of Assam since last 4 years) except those I found from your blog and google search.)Would you please mail me (my My blog some information about yourself like - Your early days, Education, Social Activities, Profession, Films and all. (But all those infos. I stated above should already be published somewhere, at least in your blog in order to submit wikipedia verifiable sources or references). I'm eagerly waiting for your response and hope you won't discourage me. Go to and search for your FREEDOM AT THE EDGE.

With Namaskar
Jown Dutta
Salt Lake, Sector V

coleshvar said...

I'm an anthropologist from France, doing research on the Tiwa. I would like to watch your film. How can I find it? ( I didn't see it in Morigaon.
Thank you